The artist

The artist,
Mariano Cabras, born in Sardegna in 1970,
has been living for a number of years in the region of Siena.

Ever passionate about art, an attentive observer and vigilant, realist,
Mariano began in earliest childhood drawing landscapes and figures. 
In the course of time, through a simple and natural evolutionary path,
he migrated to the use of oil-based paints.

Entirely self-taught - more by choice and temperament than of
necessity - he has nurtured a unique style not found anywhere else. 
His major works have explored two distinct but related themes:
"The Crafts of Yesteryear " and "Landscapes".

The two themes echo and inform each other,
serving as both content and container for his
depiction of rural country life as it persisted in Tuscany until the 1950s.

In addition to his works on canvas, Mariano's opus includes extensive work
in the plastic arts : " Metal Art "; he creates unique objects using a wide variety
of materials including wrought iron, terra cotta, fabric, and found objects.

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